Friday, February 11, 2005

The Sponsorship Scandal

Millions of dollars for promotion of Canadians! A government policy of apeasement of Quebec separatists by way of hush money. Whether there is abuse, pork barreling - even out-right theft - surely Canadians have got to start looking in the mirror. Is this the basis for a nation? Subsidies. Equalization payments. Infrastructure doggie-bones. A vast nation we cannot even defend. A political culture dominated by self-interested politicians, welfare provinces and corporations. When will this insanity end? Does anybody dream of something greater? Are there Canadians who would rather stop this charade? I cannot be alone. I cannot stand the socialist mentality that pervades our country. It is a shame that that our youth cannot learn they value of responsibility, the power of liberty. Instead they are corrupted by the fear-mongering of the socialists/nationalists. Indeed, Canadian nationalists are guilty of living the great lie. And it costs us greatly. Our culture of government, so entrenched, is slowly killing us.

What do Canadians really need? A brave leader who tells the truth. We cannot afford Canada any longer. Let us make a bargain sooner than later to join in a customs union with the United States. Let us take the U.S. greenback as our currency. Let us disband the Canadian military and join America in a joint-North America military and defence perimeter. Let us open our border to commerce and labour mobility. Yes, we need a leader to take us to the future before we pay too much.

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