Thursday, January 12, 2006

Manifest Destiny

It pains me, for the most part, to participate in these federal elections. The hypocrisy of my participation does not escape me. Admittedly, I have succumbed to the doctrine of Manifest Destiny. Why else would I gleefully read the editorials of The Wall Street Journal every day? The charade of Canada has pained me for many, many years. And yet, I have a duty to vote. But for whom? Is there a party, a political voice for the continentalist? Is there someone brave enough to ask: why Canada? Really.

Yes, I know there is a long pedigree of Quebecers who have sworn to separatism. But they are not continentalists, to be sure. No, they are twice buried in the sand. The spirit of Manifest Destiny is one that seems lost on Canada. We don't even use the term anymore. And yet...We are now in a world that has seen a re-invigorated form of Manifest Destiny take hold. Most people see it in a very negative light. That is the consequence of fear. But what have we to fear? The doctrine of manifest Destiny is grander than the United States. It is about freedom. About liberty. About economic vitality wrapped in the values of a free world. And this world is in the mold of the America.

I accept this as a wonderful proposition. But to accept it one must first accept the responsibility that goes with freedom. The responsibility for ourselves. The challenge of life is great, but the capacity of individuals to overcome obstacles and thrive should not be underestimated. Individuals need not be administered. And governments should serve the people.

Enough proselytizing. The Canadian political landscape is a Thomson simplistic collage of raw wilderness. It is certainly not the inspiring grand tableau of the Hudson school. Where is the romanticism? Where are the ideals? Nope. This election remains a battle of school-yard bullies trying to assert their own patronage on the existing hubris. If only one of them had the political courage to present the truth about Canada. And if only that person had the charisma and vision to give Canadians the will to embrace a new future.

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