Friday, March 24, 2006

Time for Canada to be proactive on regulatory co-operation

The CD Howe Institute published an important article on the need for regulatory convergence in Canadian - American trade relations. Michael Hart's article "Steer or Drift: Taking Charge of Canada - U.S. Regulatory Convergence" (see ) correctly puts the weight on Canadians shoulders to effectively face up to its fears regarding North American integration and tackle the regulatory framework head-on. Our economy would benefit greatly with regulatory convergence - or reducing the "tyranny of small differences". The more Canadians wrestle with the inevitable integration that must take place, the more we penalize our nation. As Mr. Hart concludes, Prime Minister Harper would do well to turn the focus of the upcoming meetings in Mexico with President Bush toward positive efforts that promote regulatory convergence.
I would add that it is critical to move on the security front as well. The commercial regulatory environment is highly dependent upon the shared security goals of the member nations. On this matter, too, it is imperative that Canadians maturely address the nations dependence on America and its shared economic interests. It is time to put aside nationalistic pride and work toward an integrated security perimeter, with shared or co-operating institutions that ensure that the security of North Americans are effectively and efficiently administered. Only then will the commercial interests of the two nations flourish.
The Canada - U.S. border should allow for free movement of goods and people. This implies much: shared immigration and refugee policies, regulatory and legal convergence or co-operation. All this may seem like a brave leap for Canadians, but it is far better to embrace the common values and interests we share as North Americans than to foolishly hang on to institutions that prevent the regional flowering that is so evidently nascent.
Yes, small steps are the political prescription, but what we need now is a voice - a strong voice - that bravely confronts the people of Canada with a plan for integration. There is no need for barriers to be drawn. No need for costly bottlenecks at the border. This may be far too much to ask of a minority government. For now, chipping away at "small differences" is the expedient option. But really...its time for the Canadian people to address the future maturely - and bravely. 


J. Todd Ring said...

You've got to be kidding.

You've got to be kidding. This is a joke, right? One of those long, drawn out jokes where you have to wait for the punch line? Ok, you got us, that was a good one.

Obviously you must be joking, because integration with what has now become a fascist nation - especially one that is sinking economically - would be insane.

Of course, if you take the C.D. Howe Institute seriously, then you seriously don't know what you're talking about. The C.D. Howe Institute is a corporate appendage. It routinely and consistently mouths the opinions, uniquely prettied up with spin for public consumption of course, of the corporate elite; specifically, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) - which represents the CEOs of the 150 biggest corporations in Canada.

Why not just quote Tom D'Aquino, head of the CCCE, directly? There's no point in hiding the fact that the C.D. Howe Institute is a far-right corporate "think tank" - or PR machine, to be more accurate.

"Deep integration" may be good for the CCCE and the big corporations it represents, but it will not be good for small or medium-size businesses, nor for the vast majority of Canadians. Any thinking person can quickly realize this with the slightest bit of thought and a little bit of digging.

What "deep integration" represents is the full emergence of formalized, institutionalized corporate rule: via a council of 30 CEOs, representing the biggest corporate giants of the three nations - the North American Competitiveness Council. (Appropriately Orwellian in name, as it is a council of, by and for monopoly capitalism and oligarchy.)

For anyone who thinks NAFTA has been good for average Canadians, who is a fan of globalization, and who doesn't mind being ruled by a continental council of CEOs, sign on, I say. For those more in touch with reality, read on. This is a bad deal.

The vast majority of Canadians, along with the vast majority of people in the U.S. and Mexico – across the political spectrum, right, left and centre - are completely opposed to such a merger.

This is why the negotiations, planning and execution of the "grand idea" is going on in secret, behind closed doors, and without parliamentary of congressional debate. The architects of this "grand bargain" know full well that it would never stand a chance if there was open debate or discussion in the democratic forums of government. It is a back door deal. And it stinks of high treason.

The intelligent response of Canada to the U.S. now would be to distance ourselves from this teetering giant – economically, politically and militarily – as the rest of the world is already doing.

The big money has already left the U.S., has gone to Europe and China. The central banks of Europe, Asia and the Arab nations are moving money out of the U.S. The U.S. dollar is falling, and will continue to fall. The U.S. has to bring in $2.8 billion a day to prop up its economy, in light of a $70 billion a month trade deficit.

The smart move for Canada now would be to increase ties with Europe and other rising economic regions, not tie ourselves to a sinking ship.

The reason for the back door putsch for deep integration is that the U.S. economy is about to melt down: the U.S. is an empire in decline, and it’s corporate elite want Canadian resources, particularly the tar sands, to rescue this sinking ship. Canadian CEOs are on-board, but the Canadian public doesn’t want this, and rightly so.

For another perspective on what would better be called "deep penetration" (of the sort that could only be attractive to masochists and sheep) see the following:


J. Todd Ring said...

So much for "an open a grassroots forum." You refuse to post my response to your pro-integration blog. Obviously this blog has nothing to do with open discussion, but only one-sided and hollow rhetoric, aka propaganda for the CCCE or other corporate representatives.

Deceitful drivel. I'm not sure if you're a highly indoctrinated moron, or simply a corporate whore. Either way, you've proven you're a liar.


sea2sea said...

Sorry for my lapse in getting back to this blog...I have been away, and only now have seen the comments you have provided.

You see a grand future for Canada outside of a continental framework? You are correct...there are many that would disagree with the premise of a North America Union. Your depiction of the United States as a fascist state is highly inflaming, though. You are a nationalist...a marxist, perhaps. This would explain your fear. You speak of corporations as if they are the devil incarnate. A sad perspective...but it is yours.

ain't this in the bible? said...

It seems very obvious to me that this is the governments attempt to put the american people and economy into a position in which it can successfully introduce the Amero currency with limited resistance. The dollar is not based on how much gold the country has, or really any other concrete value. The dollar itself is cotton. It is based solely by the people who spend it. The people's faith in the american dollar (and economy) determine the value of a dollar. Breaking the peoples faith in the american dollar will ultimately result in less conflict and resistance upon introduction of any new method of currency, such as the "Amero". Which, one can assume, will be presented as the answer to our "economical crisis".
This may somehow directly or indirectly imply that the so-called "recession" the media has been portraying was planned all along. Bush is a puppet. He does not run the White House, he may have even ceased to attempt to run the White House and just let whoever it is (CFR) take over. Think about it, the government new what rules were being broken because they knew exactly what would happen as a result.
Upon Implemention of the Amero, the N.A.U.. (or the same thing with a different name) will be introduced. It will start off with trade, just as in Europe, and end with the whole North American continent locked under one government, and if there is no more America, then there will be no more constitution, meaning no more rights. The wrong people will be in the right places and the greed (obviously) grows exponentially. There will be harsh seperation of social classes dependant upon financial status and the resulting war and crime everywhere.
This may sound like the summary to a consiracy theorists favorite novel but if we keep letting the bad people win, there is a strong chance that this scenario (or something very similar) will happen. I think we, as the american people, need to be informed. We have the right, aside from any constitution or set of laws to at least be informed of the world around us and what is going happen to our future as a result of the choices being made by elected peers in control. This type of information does not come to us in headlines and articles, and because of the tenacity and money-fueled power of the greedy elite who now control most media outlets, we have to read between the lines. We need to seek out the truth instead of just accepting whatever glimpse of a headline which may be thrown our way. We don't have to be smarter than them, but we at the VERY LEAST need to be smarter than they think we are.
There is no war on terror. There is only a war on our feedom, and we're losing. That is the real terror.

-Wish I had all the answers