Friday, January 19, 2007

The battle for a North America Union

The fear of North America Union found voice in Lou Dobbs and his fear mongering again (See link to CNN video). The negative tone of his report is indicative of what policy makers will face as the North American integration initiative develops. It will be a grand battle that will tear at the souls of a generation of Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans. And it will await the voice of a bold leadership.

North American unity is an important issue, and it will make Manifest Destiny a valiant call again. But first the population must understand what is at stake. Without integration the United States, Canada, and Mexico will suffer economically. There is strength in unity - of resources, of people, and of values. Let free markets and liberty prevail and great wealth will come to our land. Yes, there will be cultural growing pains with this communion of people - all brought together in the spirit of the Union. But the fear of differences must be overcome by our commonality. Just as our North American nations have thrived thanks to generations of immigrants who came to this distant and strange land, the union of North American peoples will unleash new hope for all. Isolation is not an option. Borders are chains on our prosperity.

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