Friday, January 30, 2009

The darkness approaches

Socialist approaches to economic challenges always have an ugly nationalist side to its agenda. Some Canadians celebrating Obamafest are in for a nasty awakening. Indeed, the global economy is in for a chill if the protectionist measures built into the U.S. Congress' protectionist-laden stimulus bill pass into law. We are in for another bout of policy failure echoing the abuses of the market system espoused by FDR's New Deal. Did not America learn then?

This is an opportunity for the new U.S. administration to show its commitment to free trade. It is also an opportunity to recognize the inextricable trade relationships Canada and Mexico have with America. Of course, its failure to do so will only make the economic lesson that much more difficult. This could turn into a trade war if proper leadership does not direct these issues. Let's see what kind of vision President Obama has. Regrettably, he has given free-traders and free-marketers little reason to be optimistic.

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