Monday, February 23, 2009

Drugs and security in Mexico

The war on drugs is a failure. Nobody can refute that. Not surprisingly, the desperate political class of the victimized Latin countries can only make a plea for America to take a new approach. Worse news is that organized crime threatens to destabilize Mexico and hampers its relationship with the United States. Drug thugs are too much for the local authorities - running them out of town with violent threats and intimidation. This is not a good situation for Mexico or the United States.

While the coalition forces gear up for an overdue offensive against the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Mexican drug cartel should be another human rights initiative that demands a swift and decisive military action. U.S. and Mexican authorities should co-ordinate a return to lawfulness in districts where peace and security are lost to criminals. We need a war on drugs military surge.

Of course, there should be a real debate about the alternative approaches put forward by the former presidents of Mexico, Columbia, and Brazil, among others; but until there is security in Latin America there can be no substantial political progress toward tapping the economic potential of North America. The forces of globalization could have our hemisphere relying increasingly on each other - especially if relations with China falter. It's best we take care of our own family here on this continent. An answer to the drug problem is needed in Mexico. And it is needed in America.

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