Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I saw Mexicans in Whistler

There is a wonder in travel. I should wish to be more familiar with it. But I have seen it near my home. My home is a place where many cultures come together in one community. Although it is not without its faults, the city is a miracle of diversity. I cannot deny that. And when visitors come here they see that this is a world where people of different race, culture and creed live side-by-side. Somehow it works.

I would expect that travellers have a better sense of community. They see the differences, yes, but it is the similarities that divine understanding. To see people move freely around the world is truly inspiring. Wipe away the fear. Wipe away the distrust. We are all together as one on this planet. These would be the sentiments of many of my nationalist foes, I am sure. But what of this community that lives beyond our bouders? Are we not sharing in experience, if not in culture, then economy? I must feed my family as surely as the Chinese factory worker. I must maneuver the rules of a complex society just like the citizens of Paris or London. Why is it that there can be such division of interest?

I am a libertarian. If not so in degree, I can at least claim to the belief in liberty. And in that belief I place my faith in the economic system that demands the most of our liberty. No, I do not come from privilege. What inspires this faith is sense of responsibility toward myself. That hope can spring from responsibility is a wonderous achievement of the capitalist system.

Unfortunately, capitalism suffers from great handicaps. Almost all of these come from one place: fear. Fear of trade, fear of migration, and fear of our neighbours. If anything, globalism will force us to confront these fears.

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Anonymous said...

Capitalism doesnt suffer from fear...fear causes consumerism! Keep people a little afraid and they will buy buy buy to feel better (in control)