Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fear and harmony

The cultural fears that handicap the natural forces of trade and globalization are strong. Immigration stands as one of those issues that exposes our fears, fears that come out as racism and protectionist rant. As always, politicians will be beholden to the loud voices of fear. In Utah, a state congressman has introduced a bill to restrict or retract the partnership agreement President Bush, Prime Minister Harper, and the former Mexican President Fox entered last year.


The idea of continental harmonization of trade and security is seen as threatening to nationalists who seem less concerned about prosperity through increased trade and security. Prosperity only comes through the attainment of security and the growth of trade. Short of choking off trade with our continental neighbours, there is no way to secure our borders without harmonization. North America must come to terms with its diversity and develop institutions of inclusion that allow the growth of economic liberty. Borders restrict that liberty. It is highly encouraging that our leaders recognize this. Let us hope that they can enlighten the population and deter the kind of fear-based reaction represented by this bill.

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